Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the LMS

How do I navigate the LMS?

Click here to see instructions for logging in and exploring the features.

How do I reset my password?

On the login page, click "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address. If you are a registered user of the LMS, the system will automatically email you a link to reset your password. Individuals who do not have a user account registered on the system will not receive an email!

How do I sign-up for an Entry Level LMS account?

The Entry Level LMS is available for advocates who have not yet completed the CCVAA Entry Level Academy. Users can access prerequisites for Entry Level Academy at any time, and even begin working on them during their onboarding process. Note: New accounts may take up to 72 hours to be activatedClick here to see instructions on signing up for an account.

How do I sign-up for a Main LMS account?

The Main LMS is available for advocates, supervisors, and coordinators who have completed the CCVAA Entry Levl Academy. Users of the Main LMS have access to advanced training materials and job aids, and may apply for any upcoming online or in-person training (e.g., Roundtables, OTS, Advanced Training, TOT, etc.). To create an account, a supervisor or coordinator from your office must submit a formal request. Contact us for more details.

Help, I can't find my VAT Training progress anymore! How do I view it on the LMS?

The VAT Online Training is offered by the Office for Victims of Crime. This is a national resource that is hosted on the OVC LMS, which is a different entity from CCVAA. We are unable to use our system to track your OVC VAT progressClick here to navigate to the OVC VAT Training LMS.

Questions about Trainings

Is the training required? Who should attend?

Entry Level

Required for advocates assigned to CalOES UV/XV grant-funded programs.


This is the only required training. Mandatory for all new Victim/Witness Advocates within their first year of employment. A certificate of completion will be provided on the last day of the 40-hour training. 


This training is not required, but is encouraged for Advocates with more than two years of experience.


This training is not required, but is encouraged for Victim/Witness Coordinators who are new in their roles.

Crisis Response

This training is not required, but is encouraged for those in the Victim/Witness department who may respond to crime-related mass causalities incidents.


How do I sign up for a training?

Participants will be notified of registration openings by their coordinators. All CCVAA trainings are by application only and acceptance emails are sent out to qualifying participants.


How much is the registration fee?

There are no registration fees associated with any of the current trainings.


Does CCVAA reimburse for travel?

All participants' respective agencies are responsible for all travel, lodging, and per diem costs.

A limited number of scholarships for reimbursement may be available. Please contact for more information.


Are there pre-assignments for the trainings?

Entry Level

Yes Pre-assignments include various questionnaires and activities.


No, there are no pre-assignments at this time.


Yes. Pre-assignments are required throughout the modules of the training.

Crisis Response

Yes. Pre-assignments include the online FAC refresher.


What time does the training start?

All CCVAA trainings start promptly at 8:00 am daily.


What if I have to leave the training early?

Leaving early from any CCVAA training will result in a non-completion status. Participants are responsible for ensuring any travel time has been accounted for when attending a training.


Do I need to bring any materials?

This will depend on the type of training. For example, at some trainings, we ask that participants bring their laptops. Entry Level training requires participants to bring outreach materials.


What is the dress code for the trainings?

The dress code for all CCVAA trainings is smart casual, unless otherwise advised by the Training Coordinator. We recommend to bringing a light sweater or jacket as temperatures inside the training venue can vary. 


Can I use my cell phone during training?

Some trainings have technology pieces built into the curriculum and will provide an opportunity for participants to use cell phones or laptops during training. We ask that participants refrain from any other cell phone use while in training.


Will lunch be provided?

As a grant-funded program, CCVAA Training does not provide any food or beverage services during any of the trainings. Participants will typically be given a one-hour lunch break on their own and a list of local eateries will be made available.